1. Cock Dr

    OMG blogger wasn’t kidding about the name.

  2. “No, I’m Paz *Vega*. Paz de la Huerta is the one with her eyes swollen shut.”

  3. Is her Golden Secret maybe pee? Judging by the photo on the right it is. Kim Kardashian pre-ordered about 100 bottles of this stuff.

  4. fred

    “I didn’t bring Melanie’s diaper bag. I thought you were going to bring it.”

  5. “You may feel a little prick!… Do not fear… It is mine!”

  6. donkeylicks

    Thats obviously not Paz Vega, I can’t even smell the alcohol!

  7. Vlad

    A Golden Secret is when you pee a little in your pants, but not enough for it to show.

  8. Paz Vega is fucking sexy.

  9. Did you just FAAAAAT? I DEEEEED, I DEEEEED!

  10. richie

    “Paz” me sum o dat yo!! (Get it? I’m being ethnic!)

  11. Now we can ALL smell like a guy who sleeps next to Melanie Griffith.

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