1. Weird body, Fat. Man-hands.

    Oh, so Aston Kutcher > Kevin Federline?

  2. Cock Dr

    A Kunis x Kutcher sex tape would be high on my naughty internet wish list.

  3. emma watson's Vagina

    still would do. but according to you guys. after Kutcher her next boyfriend would be a DC comics penciler.

  4. whatever

    is she pregnant? did ashton go visit with ex wife to tell her first or else she would freak out? ”we’re OVER demi, my gf is preggers” cut your losses and move on

  5. fred

    I think she is sending a secret message to Macaulay Culkin with the fingers on her left hand forming an “M” on her hip.

  6. old

    You 13-year old fucktards are a bunch of losers

  7. That s nothing special.

  8. She cleans up nicely.

  9. She lost me when she started fucking Aston Koochy.

  10. YadaYada

    She is absurdly hot, and anyone who thinks otherwise is gay.

  11. navvet75

    no chest to speak of

  12. journalschism

    I know you guys posted this because it says “titt” above her head to the right.

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