1. Dilemma – go to hospital or take a selfie?

  2. The Pope

    I replied the exact same way to Kelly Brook after seeing the latest pictures she posted on her Instagram account.

  3. crb

    Uma and her Hanzo sword are still really pissed.

  4. Using the new “James Franco” Instagram filter, I see.

  5. That’s no movie makeup, that’s what the studio and investors did to him after that movie he did with Selena Gomez bombed so badly.

  6. What do you give a sex addict who broke the word masturbation record?…A phone that can access internet porn.

  7. donkeylicks

    Just mangled my arm in an industrial accident… Better take a selfie

  8. “Hmmmmmm…according to WebMD, it’s either brain cancer or I’m having a stroke.”

  9. o'chunt

    Bah, ’tis a tiny flesh wound, totally inconsequential. As long as the product placement money keeps pouring in.

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