1. Someone’s seen Caddyshack too many times.

  2. I think you can get a topical solution for that.

  3. Must have hooked up with Catherine Zeta Jones.

  4. Is this pork? I can’t eat pork, I’m Kosher !

  5. “See Miley? See what happens, you keep doing that?”

  6. gillian

    His tongue is sticking out its tongue.

  7. He’s either wolfing down a chili dog from a street cart, or shitting out of his mouth. Or both; it’s so hard to tell them apart sometimes.

  8. Rabid1

    Forgetting he just rimmed Paul Stanley to secure yet another endorsement deal, Mr. Simmons created a major public faux pas.

  9. meeps!

    And just like that, Kyle lost another $20…

  10. This should be used in one of those safe-sex PSAs in high schools.

  11. Plastic Police

    Help, a racoon took a shit on my tongue…

  12. mavis davis

    Nicki’s makeup looks different everytime I see her, but that weave has got to go!

  13. donkeylicks

    Mr Simmons can be seen demonstrating his true talent, an ability few can boast of, ladies and gentlemen…. his second sphincter will now begin.

  14. MFer

    Tongue cancer?

  15. That is fucking disgusting. He should not be bragging about this condition.

  16. Elf

    Gene Simmons sure knows how to chuck up things to sell on eBay

  17. “Soooo…whatcha think, Doc? Am I healthy?

  18. seriously. what the fuck is that? AND WHY ARE THEY REMAKING THE CLASSIC “DRESSED TO KILL” ALBUM WITH THE SCABS?? yes i’m old.

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