1. He’s changing his name to Nic “Puffy” Cage.

  2. Pickle Nose

    Do you think Nic Cage knows that we know that he’s really bald?

  3. guy in back….eyes…..saying it all

  4. Is ‘Joe’ the name of his hairpiece?

  5. It’s like the top half of a bird living on his head…

  6. fred

    Just let it happen.

  7. Plastic Police

    First time I”ve seen Travolta in a suit…

  8. Kyle Reese was right. Those early versions of the Terminator really were easy to spot.

  9. In every photo of Nic Cage with a Travolta hairpiece, there’s Billy Joel in the background saying it all with his eyes.

  10. Vlad

    So embarrassing when you have toupee creep in public

  11. Yo Joe, time for some better hair!

  12. Really...

    I see the mid price range Nicholson & Joel impersonators arrived at last…

  13. Nick is the Man!!!

  14. The O

    This hairstyle makes it hard to tell if his hairline moved back or his face moved forward.

  15. bernard

    soon it will resemble a real-hair yarmulke

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