1. Urbanspaceman

    Every day is Halloween for Matilda.

  2. ElCartero

    “You are my wife.” “Goodbye, city life!”

  3. ok, now I’m going to have dead-eyed children of the corn dreams tonight.

  4. It’s too bad that Matt Damon has cancer, but at least David Bowie is there to help him through it all.

  5. Frank-n-Furter it’s all over. Your mission is a failure, your lifestyle’s too extreme. I’m your new commander. You are now my prisoner. We return to Transylvania. Prepare the transit beam.

  6. broduhjenner

    we come in peace

  7. heey

    must be famine where they live

  8. crb

    Which ones is Tilda? Which one is Tomas? And why do they both look like they should be named Elrond or Pat?

  9. WTF am I looking at?

  10. sigga

    Áfram Ísland!

  11. Plastic Police

    Now THIS would be the ideal time for Amanda Bynes to comment…

  12. mavis davis

    They get a bit more lively if you toss them some seed.

  13. donkeylicks

    Third Reich or not this is what comes of inbreeding.

  14. sc4play

    At first glance, I’m getting a vague Borg queen and Captain Picard. From ‘First Contact.’

  15. the return of the thin white duke throwing darts in lovers eyes…

  16. Jenn

    The movie should’ve been called Creepy and Creepier.

  17. crb


    in a very odd corner of the galaxy,

    a man who went by another name,

    but now refers to himself as “David Bowie”,

    is sitting down for a nice internet-surf on his iPad while chilling with his model wife,

    he leans over to her and says, “You know what sweetie? Back in the 70′s and 80′s I reached the absolute pinnacle of andr-

    and then he hits TS and sees what’s on this page,

    and screams out, “MO-THER-F**KER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  18. Nutterbutter

    He is mid way through the process of being body snatched…

  19. Not only is one of her eyes heaps higher than the other, they are both looking in seemingly different directions because of their vantage points. Shudder.

  20. The picture just isn’t the same without the pitchfork and the cool little farmhouse in the background.

  21. cc

    It’s time to harvest the ugly crop.

  22. Eurotrashian Gothic

  23. Beer Baron

    Glad to see Heath Ledger finally back.

  24. Oh yeah, now I remember why I refuse to go see foreign films.

  25. It’s obviously a movie about eyebrow theft and sunlight deprivation.

  26. me

    this photo is missing a pitchfork, and a woman, I mean, human

  27. Andie

    Which one is the dude here?

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