1. bbiowa

    Thought Sarah Jessica Parker finally got a nose job.

  2. Is this that new seafood restaurant where you crack the shells on the waitresses’ nipples?

  3. cc

    20 years ago I would have exploded seeing her in that.

  4. For the love of everfucking zeus, someone get this old woman a BRA!

  5. juaquin ingles

    Just had another stroke.

  6. RHawk

    And, we are back to notch zero.

  7. never saw someone so happy after they vomited

  8. bassackward

    Some women go for the full boob job…..I just had the nipples permenantly erected…

  9. WYK

    she looks better than most of the younger women i see in the street ….

    God bless plastic surgery !!!! :D

  10. I didn’t know Sharon Stone was working for catering company. Good for her.

  11. Coyote

    I bet she can still make you scream.

  12. Looks like an old squirrel, after it’s been roadkill for a week.

  13. Pucca

    Finally !!! Lindsay Lohan eating something…

  14. All of her is staring at me.

  15. Fandy

    put a cig in her mouth and she looks like my granny

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