1. fartbucket

    In every photo like this there’s a black man saying it all with a disapproving look.

  2. adolf hitler

    i can call you the nword. i am rich and girls love me.

  3. Jonas? No, you’re not on the list, you can wait in the line.

  4. cc

    Sorry, no 80s bands allowed.

  5. farting old man's wife

    Just move, Come on PLEASE, Let me in!! Don’t you know who I am??

  6. Really, You’re going to mug me in front of all these cameras?

    I don’t make the rules white boy, hand it over.

  7. RHawk

    “Ok, Jonas Bitch. If a girl offers you pussy, fuck the ring.”

  8. “Can I lead???”

  9. “Don’t worry, kid. Bein’ on the D-List ain’t so bad…”

  10. Star Droppings

    It’s sad the most recognizable person in this picture is Ryan Gosling in the background, and you can only see 20% of his face.

  11. villenuv27

    Are you GBM, 38, Inglewood?

  12. So Jon Gosselin has gone all game turned poacher and become a pap?

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