1. Button your fucking shorts up before my eyes get the clap.

  2. Was Rihanna busy? Where’s the drunken butt-sex Queen of Barbados when you need her?

  3. Johnny P!

    Another classy, tattoed whore with clown hair.
    Is this what the 2010′s will be remembered for?

    • Snack pack

      That and the whole chucks-wearing, fixie-riding, sideburns-sporting, uber-artsie, hipster-doofus thing that is getting really nauseating at this point. It will be this generation’s disco moment.

  4. I’m guessing the lower half of that tattoo has a mouth sore that just won’t ever go away.

  5. EricLr

    You know, a lot of trannies don’t spring for the boob job. But if you’re going to do something, I think you should do it right.

  6. Contusion

    Yeah, I’ve known guys named Jodie before.

  7. lily

    eww dirty….probably can contract an airborn std from this one

  8. kimmykimkim


  9. She looks like she smells.

  10. I think I can almost see her Kadoo from here…

  11. Number 2

    An appropriate last name.

    These photos make the Phobe Price ones look awesome.

  12. Frunken

    Imagine those devastating few seconds between seeing her and realizing it’s a tattoo.

  13. Sheppy

    HAHhahahhahah… she’s flying low and no-one’s told her :)

  14. Frank The Duck

    A sure winner at the Frat house Pig Call…

  15. Bigalkie

    I’m guessing that they have no budget for Grand Kadooment Day.

  16. Bionic_Crouton

    So Rhianna has a stand in.

  17. Blech

    In every picture…

    Oh, fuck it. There’s a guy in the background saying it all with the palm-shield over his face. I doubt he’s blocking any sunlight.

  18. Damn, she’s got a great pair of implants!

  19. Thanks a bunch for the A.I.D.S.

  20. Kitty

    she is totally out of proportion, pick those BOOBS up, jeppers, they aer almost to the waistband of your jeans!

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