1. Jimmy Fallon is vanilla pudding.

  2. Mick = Mid-seizure.

  3. Perplexity

    Much like a lizard licking it’s own eye, Mick can clean his own ear, once his tongue maneuvers past the leathery cheek. Jimmy doesn’t approve of Mick vast talents.

  4. EricLr

    Did I tell you that when I was a kid, gas was cheaper?

    Yes grandpa.

    Did I tell you how you kids today with your Twitter boxes are worse at everything?

    Yes, grandpa.

  5. Grandpa Mick, could you tell me about the games of the first Olympiad again?

  6. Does Mick have a handicapped Olympic tag so he can sit closer?

  7. Mick’s giving me a great idea for a new Rolling Stones logo aimed at the senior set.

  8. Mrs. Fallon: Jimmy he’s doing it again.

    Jimmy Fallon: I know…just ignore him. Eventually he’ll get bored and go away.

  9. “Jumpin’ Jack Flash I got gas gas gas.”

  10. it had to be said

    Run little gymnasts! He’s hungry!

  11. The Brown Streak

    Now was probably not the best time for his grandson to come out of the closet and reveal himself to be….gasp….an American.

  12. Kojak

    “I will get those damn goonies!”

  13. Heathrow

    FYI – Tardive Dyskinesia – TD is primarily characterized by random movements in the tongue and lips due to prolonged exposure to antipsychotic treatment.

  14. Tiger

    You can’t fool me. I know they’re watching Shame.

  15. Mick’s tongue is basically a pussy compass.

  16. mamamiasweetpeaches

    Jimmy Fallon is starting to look like Tim Curry
    and Mick Jagger is starting to look like….Mumra??

  17. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Ireland’s best medal chance is Katie Taylor, a boxer. We’re hoping she beats up some other athletes and takes theirs.

  18. Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

    The Olympics are such a great, inspiring event: they even managed to get Stephen Hawking to ditch his glasses and wheelchair, and stand on his own 2 feet for once. Unfortunately his lack of motor control was still noticable in his oral area.

  19. Queef Sister

    Thats the ugliest pez dispenser ever.

  20. Mick has learned a new method of ventriloquism. He throws his voice simply by talking and pointing his tongue in the direction he wants his words to travel.

  21. donkeylicks

    And that Steven Tyler is how you do it!

  22. Chris Pine

    Isn’t Fallon supposed to be mirroring what Mick is doing?

  23. SewMeDown

    I would tear Fallon up. One fine looking white boy.

  24. “Hey Jimmy! Bowie used to like it when I did this.”

  25. Mick is deep in thought, trying to decide if his feces can be thrown far enough to actually hit the field this time…

  26. Grace

    Jimmy Fallon is thinking, “Look straight ahead, look straight ahead, look straight ahead… Damn you, peripheral vision!”

  27. mad momma

    Tell me, does this look like a herpes sore to you?

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