1. El Jefe

    Even Bieber quit wearing Bieber hair.

    • guttboy

      It was “Carey hair” a long time before it was Beiber hair Dude. Nobody remembers though. You have now been reminded:)

  2. Johnny P!

    From funny to very funny to A-lister to married to a big-titted mentalcase to weird and irrelevant.
    Oh, how the times change faster and faster nowadays…

  3. Perplexity

    Jim, trying to crash the party by using the “if he doesn’t see me, I can walk right in” method. They did, however, notice him and clubbed him in the face with his own elbow and sent him to a barber shop.

  4. EricLr

    Life is tough when your ideal woman is an 18-year-old who remembers the 90′s.

  5. Next stop after the Pink Taco – The Brown Eye.

  6. That’s the face of a man about to be disappointed The Pink Taco is not what he thought it was

  7. tlmck

    The Dark Knight that never rose.

  8. Brush the hair out of your eyes, you fucking emo hipster douche wannabe.

    God, I sound old… I feel bad for my kids.

  9. Bionic_Crouton

    He looks too old for that hair cut and too proud to be begging for back alley leftovers.

  10. Bigalkie

    Keswick Kouture

  11. BK5000

    Do NOT go in there!

  12. He’s hunting for Stone.

  13. Aerosmith concert? He probably thinks hanging with Steven Tyler will make him look young by comparison…

  14. ri

    Public service announcement: If anyone that looks like this tries to offer you candy or give you a ride SAY NO!

  15. Brit

    You can spot a concealed carry a mile off

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