1. I see she has her beard on.

  2. This guy has been seen in public only slightly more than David Miscavige’s wife…

  3. Qmak

    “I brought my butler to The Butler!”

  4. Urbanspaceman

    Yup, this is a hetero couple and Oprah never gave that “Mating Hour” diatribe on her show some years ago.


    Look at him!

    Smile for the cameras, you fucking handbag!”

  6. They made a movie about Stedman?

  7. Pickle Nose

    Oprah cackled as she clutched the small purse that held Stedman’s balls close to her ample bosom. “Please” he whimpered “set me free”.

  8. EricLR

    Ha, ha, it’s funny when poor black people still think I can relate to them.

  9. Stedman’s biopic?

  10. “Remember when we offered the role of the butler to Nick Cannon?”

  11. Jenn

    Why aren’t you acting happy? *squeezes* Laugh, dammit!
    Hahaha, someone kill me please.

  12. cc

    We’re movin on up Weezie!

  13. Stedman was killed years ago and turned into a “Weekend at Bernies” puppet she operates with her hand up his ass. His free will wasn’t working out.

  14. Wow, she’s good – can barely see her lips moving.

  15. Damn, she brought Stedman out of retirement. Have not seen this dude in years.

  16. “HaHaHAAAA!! Who’s the richest bitch you know Stedman?”
    “Hahahaheha! You, Oprah! You!”
    “Ha! That’s… hahahaaaa… right. And no matter what I look like… I got you Stedman… haha… YOU’RE MINE! Hahahhaaaaaaa!”
    “Hahaaaaaa that’s right Opraaahaaaaaahaha! I’m all yours!”
    “So hahaahaaaa why you laughing? Hahaaaaaa!”
    “Haaa! I’m from New Jersey! Hahaaa! We loooove our Jersey cows! Haaaaahahahaaa!”

  17. “Why are you closing your eyes and pretending I am someone else? We’re not having sex.”

  18. gooch

    Look everyone… my beard has a mustache!

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