1. “Look at the tits on this guy!”

  2. Qmak

    Reporter: “Cuba is there a single person left in the world who remembers you as a respected actor?”

  3. “Don’t look at the face…look at the tits!”

  4. ThisWillHurt

    “You think you’re so cool with your ‘two-for-one’ specials, don’t you Corey Feldman? Well, look what I got for only $199! Beat tha-What do you mean you charge $200? Rip off!”

  5. “I got my white girl!”

  6. LLBL

    “HA! I bet you didn’t even know your mom was out of the house!”

  7. Photog: “Show me the HONEY!”

  8. “Look! I found a white woman who actually paid to see Boat Trip!”

  9. “Many heroic African American men fought, struggled and gave their lives so I could make Snow Dogs and date really mediocre white women.”

  10. crb

    Looks just like a young Candice Bergen right?

    PSCHYE! -Joan Van Ark in a Mission Impossible facemask! -PUNK’D, BRO!!

    Ok, where’s Ashton?…

  11. Lou Braccant

    Not even one “show me the mammary” joke?

  12. Johnny Barbells

    …the thing about this guy is; he’s looked 42 since he was 18, so, he’s got the whole “ageless” thing going for him…

  13. “THIS boob… is my favorite.”

  14. “You think THAT’S a titty? Just wait till you see my momma.”

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