1. I thought this was a Kenan Thompson skit.

  2. Apparently that guy came down with termites.

  3. Dude. Your fat, and no tent will hide that.

  4. Can’t Oprah stay out of the spotlight for just a little?

  5. emma watson's vagina

    so Morgan Freeman put on a ton of weight.

  6. …Later That Night

    Security: “Dammit! how did all these midgets get in here!”

  7. Keno


  8. Spleen

    When did a shower curtain become a fashion statement?

  9. Cock Dr

    Anna knows that standing next to that guy she looks like Kate Moss.
    Nice strategy.

  10. So there actually is an Omar the tent maker?

  11. Breaking Bad 5 spoiler. Jesse and Heisenberg are hidding their meth lab under him this season.

  12. So if you get fat, just wear a tent. Nice fashion tip Andre.

  13. That is one really fucking persistent mustard stain

  14. Cmndr Bytes

    “It’s a cookbook!!!!”

  15. cc

    I don’t know movie he’s in, but apparently he plays ‘Mr. Big’.

  16. Andre Leon Talley is considered a fashion expert. This is one of those “paraplegic track coach” irony things, isn’t it?

  17. Wow, I guess he literally gave up.

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