1. “… puts its picture on the internetssss…”

  2. Finally. He is tight-lipped.

  3. “Yeah…if I squint like an Instagram filter, I can kind of see why I thought she was attractive”

  4. “Mmmmm I’m just dreaming of the next pudgy girl I will sext…”
    “What’s that Mr. Weiner?”
    “How’s that daughter of yours, Sam? Graduate high-school?”

  5. Turtle needs to crawl back into his shell. This is one race he aint gonna win.

  6. Daydreaming about chubby skanks in the middle of a press conference? You’ve got problems, dude.

  7. donkeylicks

    I think that we can pretty much count on Sean Penn to play the role of Harvey Mi.. I mean Anthony Weiner in the next ten to twenty years.

  8. The same O-face his webcam has seen a million times. .

  9. The camera’s too high up

  10. Did I accidentally log on to chat roulette?

  11. tlmck

    I see somebody found the podium from the “Police Academy” movie.

  12. This guy being named “Weiner” is sort of like Monica Lewinsky being named “Slurp.”

  13. “Think of baseball, old nuns, Bea Arthur….dam I still got a boner !”

  14. i really want to make a weiner joke, but it may be in bad taste.

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