1. At first I was a bit shocked bu the device. But then I thought to myself:
    Nick Cannon has had bigger things up his butt..

  2. Studded…for his pleasure.

  3. EricLR

    So, long story short, Chris Brown got pissed off.

  4. She was giving her man a hand job and his balls blew up.
    © Kinky Friedman

  5. “Nick wanted to be here tonight, but—how do I put this?—he knew y’all were going to make ‘butler’ jokes at his expense. He gets enough of that at home.”

  6. All that cast proves is that sometimes Nick Cannon just won’t listen.

  7. crb

    ::in the voice of Linda RIchman from “Coffee Talk”::

    “So there I am right, nutin’ betta to do on a Sataday night,
    fisting away at dis Central Park Zoo rhino,

    when alls a sudden Don King sneaks up outta nowheres and tries ta do a reacharound,

    Soooo, long story short; -boom.

    Den dat bitch Donatella has da nerve to charge me extras on dis here cast-condom, because she had to chase down da rhino for seconds, see?…”

  8. Not a bare breast in sight. Moving on…

  9. TheV

    She looks so much like the white alien baby thinh from “alien”.…29447.30848.0.31377.….0…1c.1.24.img..

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