1. Billebuoy

    Emphasis on “butt”

  2. a lot of you guys won’t believe this, but she used to be kind of hot.

  3. Fucking traitor.

  4. AteIsEnough

    Isn’t she dead yet? You’d hope that all that agent orange she inhaled during those private dinners in Vietnam would have taken her out by now!!!

  5. Pat C.

    Yeah, or that nude cross-legged poster taken on the beach. I had that as a wall poster when I was in high school (just Google “Jane Fonda beach” – not really NSFW – tasteful nude).

  6. I guess sinking all that Ted Turner / CNN money into robotics wasn’t an entire waste after all.

  7. Jenn

    If she wasn’t already going to hell for her Vietnam treachery,that No Pain No Gain crap in the 80′s earned her a special place in the Devil’s own living room.

  8. That’s a lot of fucking sequins.

  9. She looks like the Joker from the DC comic series Flaspoint.

  10. Phoenix

    Nice wig, Joan.

  11. She looks like the mother of a Solid Gold dancer.

  12. cc

    Fresh from her appearance in ‘Dead Silence 2′.

  13. doritojoe

    If you nibble, it tastes bitter.

  14. Hung Lo

    Dried up old cunt.

    American Traitor Bitch who should die painfully hopefully.

    Fuck Jane Fonda !

  15. The Jane Fonda thing isn’t quite as black and white as everyone wants to make it. I’ll bet half the people chanting “traitor bitch” have never really bothered to check out the details on her anti-war activities.

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