1. If you imagine “Baby Elephant Walk” every time you see a picture of him, it makes a perfect soundtrack.

  2. I almost didn’t recognize him without his man purse.

  3. Nothing starts off a good power-walk like a sugary beverage, you fat fuck!

  4. ruckus

    Just Don’t

  5. Anus

    Sex machine

  6. EricLR

    A serious actor demands a serious soda!

  7. What a jackass.

  8. It’s the fastest he’s moved in months – there’s an ice cream van on the other side of the street.

  9. Guys be nice! He’s listening to books about excise.

  10. Upping his douche game for the summer months.

  11. Are they making a Seinfeld reboot already?

  12. “I’m a real boy”

  13. He got this amazing workout routine from Jake Gylenhall when they were at Mick Jagger’s house for Barack Obama’s birthday party.

  14. BB

    Rapers gonna rape.

  15. cc

    Hi, I’d like a Coke, hold the carbonated water.

  16. The phrase “black is slimming” doesn’t mean it works like a magic wand, Jonah.

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