1. Seen here modeling the “Ted Nugent for Boys” collection.

  2. CptCreep

    Go ahead, tell him to take his Christmas lights down. His wife tried that once… once…

  3. Eating a sandwich? Why didn’t his wife make him a better lunch…oh right

  4. All we need now is a failed attempt to recover some of his Baretta memorabilia.

  5. MIRV

    “Oh shoot, I gotta go back into this here restaurant for a minute” and that was the last thing I said officer. I just came back out here and found [the bitch] her like this.

  6. I thought it was Max Hardcore.

  7. Still searching for the real killers. Oh wait, that was OJ.

  8. “I got my eye on you, sparrow.”

  9. Nice to be the celeb murderer that got off that no one talks about or demonizes. I wonder why?

  10. He seems to be afflicted with what the medical community is referring to as “Thanos Chin.”

  11. That murder taco looks delicious, doesn’t it?

  12. Hung Lo

    People, he killed a money grubbing POS hustler, it ain’t like he killed a nice person.

  13. JungleRed

    See, OJ? This is how’s it’s done.

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