1. I admire a man that can walk in his heels.

  2. He’s like a living stereotype of a black…kind of black man.

  3. Qmak

    Sammy Davis Jr. is still killing it after all these years.

  4. Guy gets so much prime tail.

    If I dressed like that, I would just get a good beating.

  5. I take it fros are back.

  6. EricLR

    That little Michael is so cute.

  7. ThisWillHurt

    How did Prince get a hold of Amanda Seyfried’s pubic wig from “Lovelace”?

  8. the Purple One rules all.

  9. CrashHell


  10. Vlad

    Prince leading a parade of one.

  11. Jenn

    Prince is killin that outfit, almost as well as my mamaw did back in 1976.

  12. Johnny Bravo sneaking out the back to avoid the paparazzi. Not pictured Marsha,Jane,Cindy,Peter, Bobby and Alice.

  13. The only motherfucker that can pull off shit like this. Anyone else would get their ass beat.

  14. Looking forward to his part as The Riddler in the blaxploitation Batman.

  15. Daisy

    His ‘fro looks nice.

  16. Afro Ninja doesn’t need this shit!

  17. tlmck

    Human time warp.

  18. Hurrying to join Scooby and the gang for their next mystery-solving caper.

  19. He’s just running out for some more Soul Glo…

  20. He has to carry his own handrail around with him when he takes the stairs, since regular ones are at shoulder height.

  21. cc

    He’s going to kick Robin Thicke’s ass for purloining his music.

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