1. To hell with Jesse Williams and his/her stupid name card.

  2. He looks like he’s actually paying attention to her words. Now that’s good acting.

  3. Yaya: “This movie simultaneously illustrates the plight of pre-equal rights black Americans in the colonial North, and the triumph of the human spirit over adversity”

    Terrence: *thinks* “I wonder if she’s clean”

  4. EricLR

    Bitch, did you just say you don’t have my money??

  5. Sweet Daddy T is waiting to see how much money she earned today. The pimp gets all the money.

  6. donkeylicks

    It looks like he’s paying attention to what Yaya’s saying but in reality he’s focusing on the one thing thats plagued him for the last five years. ” Mother Fucking Don Cheadle!”

  7. Oh shit, looks like he is about to pimp slap her. Run girl, run.

  8. “I am SO gonna hit dat ass woman! As soon as I baby wipe the shit outta it. Literally.”

  9. “Working with Terrence Howard was pleasant. He didn’t slap me around unless I deserved it.”
    “Yeah… What?”

  10. So the dude is going to play Stedman and the chick will be portraying Oprah? Geez, I really can’t wait to miss that one.

  11. “i can’t believe a grown woman walks around with a name like, ‘Yaya’!”

  12. deal with it

    She is so perfect. People on this site can never handle a gorgeous Black woman. All ya’ll can handle are these slutty, stupid, plain White girls with fake tits, rehab, and upshots. Losers.

  13. Is Terrence Howard going to have to choke a bitch?

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