1. Breathalyzer? But her Mom’s driving.

  2. “gimme a six pack of those Midori jello syringes to go”

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    They appear to be returning from a funeral.

    Who’s career died?

  4. teddy

    Thats a vaporizer, shes a heavy addict.

  5. Wow. Her mom is like a 5 year older version of her.

  6. Ginger Pie

    Which one is the mom?

  7. EricLR

    Her mother has grown so cold now that she’s permanently surrounded by an ice fog.

  8. She’s found a way to vapourize her cuntiness. It’ll be available in sores soon.

  9. Smokeless cigarette. You never saw one? You need to “sleep” the computer and go outside once in awhile.

  10. JC

    She’s so annoying, she smokes a vaporizer and looks like she’s playing a ditty on a flute. It’s not even a cool one about Jack and Diane.

  11. “Dammit, this thing’s not working at all. I think it’s just a regular duck call, not the ‘career call’ the guy selling these on the corner said it was.”

  12. Her mom looks as frigid as she is.

  13. Vapor Girl

    She’s a vapor girl.

  14. Ohhhh, c’mon. Her husband’s peepee has got to be bigger than that, doesn’t it?

  15. cc

    Her next gig? Playing the kazoo.

  16. Medicinal marijuana pipe. I want one!

  17. Whacky tobacky pipe…nice

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