1. (old bicycles… fatigues…..I’ll….I”LL OUT HIPSTER THEM ALL)

  2. ahaminahamina

    He looks like Paperboy from that Nintendo game

  3. EricLR

    Oh man, I better hurry or the other hipsters are going to beat me to all the best ironic clothes.

  4. Vlad

    Until you scroll down, it just looks like he runs funny.

  5. He is putting too much effort into an activity. His hipster card is in real danger.

  6. Actor. Model. Skateboarding Chicken Dancer. The guy’s a triple threat.”

  7. “Dude, you can flap your arms all you want, but you’ll never get that thing off the ground,”

  8. It’s probably a lot easier to just put on some antiperspirant than it is to wind-dry your pits.

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