1. “My mom was right. My face is stuck like this now.”

  2. “Amanda, what do you admire most about Linda Lovelace?”


  4. emma watson's vagina

    that reminds me. I need to vacuum

  5. Now we know how she got the part.

  6. nomnomnom

    Man, that sideboob sag is pretty awful. She better get with the program before they go all the way downhill…

  7. EricLR

    Okay, which of you wise-asses took my tits?

  8. meeps!

    Spoiler alert…

  9. Oh lord. The “mouth is open so make an oral sex joke” was played out a year ago.

  10. cc

    For those of us fond of a lily white ass, she’s the pinnacle of our ambition.

  11. Bringbackbabalu
  12. Fuck I love this woman.

  13. With those eyes and her mouth open like that, all I have to do is paint her gold, then I can throw her in my Koi pond.

  14. Wow, these sex dolls are looking more realistic every day.

  15. anonym

    perfect pic to photoshop a dick in.

  16. dfSDZvdfv

    Chick needs a bra. Good side boob is an amazingly beautiful thing, but this sag is not attractive…and I say that as a horny guy who loves tits.

    And yes, I have seen tits…so the fat girls don’t need to set down their tubs of ice cream to type their responses furiously. Just keep shoveling it down your gullet jumbo.

  17. Andie

    She’s just lovely. :) Her makeup is very cool.

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