1. Swearin

    “Okay now in this next scene, Marnie and Shoshanna will rub their vaginas against each other. Kinda like this, watch my hands…”

  2. buzz

    If you are what you eat, she needs to stop eating huge tubs of cottage cheese.

  3. Not even Ahab will be wanting that great white whale.

  4. ‘Get back boys – one at a time’

  5. Michael

    Ho, wow, she inflated two sizes in 24 hours!

  6. Someone has jerked off to her. Somewhere, someone, somehow. If it exists, somebody has jerked off to it.

  7. Pat C.

    Actually, around where I live, Georgia USA, women her size are average, not considered fat at all. My own standards are stricter.

  8. I have a sudden craving for cottage cheese.

  9. what the hell, ill say it . I still would.

    • It may not be the sexiest story you could tell, but how many people could say that they fucked Lena Dunham? Your buddies would give you shit for a bit, then someone would go, “So…. um. So, how was it?” Then you can have a story to tell and also be known as the guy that fucked Lena Dunham.

      Anything for a story.

  10. Invisible steroid-using frost giant HJs.

  11. Just think… Jack Antonoff gets to plow this on the regular. I never realized “I Wanna Get Better” is a cry for help. Or maybe he just needs stronger glasses.

  12. her legs look like someone stuffed a pair of tights with mcnuggets. which I guess is kind of what happened.

  13. “Now girls (no pun intended) when you first start giving oral sex you want to limit yourself to penises of about this diameter. As you get more experience you can move up to adolescent size, then adult. Recess is over. Get back to class.”

  14. perks

    “This is how many apple fritters I want. No, no — the 3 fingers, not the zero fingers. Christ, must I spell everything out for you?”

  15. We have children going to bed hungry, and this bitch has thighs that would feed a country! Cannibalism ain’t illegal in America; I’m just saying.

  16. How the fuck do you let your body fall apart like this so early in life? She’s not even 30 years old yet. Gross.

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