1. I’m sure Joffrey poisoned that coffee.

  2. Swearin

    “Mr. Bean, sir, I have a copy of your next script in this FedEx envelope. Spoiler alert: your character dies.”

  3. Trump: The Pre-Death Years

  4. Should I know who Sean Bean is?

    Also, I want his first name to rhyme with bean.

    • English actor, been a Bond villain, amongst other things, most recently played “Ned Stark” on Game of Thrones. Once you see a better picture of him you’ll thing “oh yeah…THAT guy.” I spoke with the Gods about the pronunciation of “Sean,” but they say it’s out of their hands…

  5. Signing an autograph for his yet-to-be-named new project in which he dies in the first 30 minutes.

  6. Careful buddy, you’re about to be subpoenaed.

  7. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    He’s got a knack for picking good roles, but Mr. Crowe didn’t make the wisest of choices in electing for ginger hair plugs.

  8. “Fuck you and your wife, then kill the rest of your family…I’m NOT Colin Firth. Best of Luck…”
    Sean Bean

  9. Odbarc

    Shortly after this photograph was taken, Sean Bean faked his death and escaped.

  10. They call that “casket head”

  11. Voice of Reisling

    One does not simply … autograph a FedEx envelope.

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