1. She’s barely recognizable without cleavage.

  2. Swearin

    She’s Mexican, why does it look like she’s suffering from sunstroke?

  3. Is it just me, or has she been looking like Susan Sarandon lately?

  4. This chick will still be bangable at 60.

  5. Ok, even I am going to admit this is just a weird shirt and bad lighting.

  6. My girl, Salma. Nice to see her with her warheads siloed for once.

  7. “So, as I was sayin’, Tone…this dame here might be more up your alley, if you get my drift…Younger. Less mileage. No local family to get in your biz. Been taken better care of…what choo think, Tone…???”

  8. So…is this behind the scenes of her cameo on The Walking Dead?

  9. Is she playing a greasy chola in her next movie?

  10. The face of an old Mexican boy.

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