1. Swearin

    So it’s just any black guy that does it for her, not just the rich ones?

  2. “Ma’am, I’ve done everything I can, but the seams just won’t go back together.”

  3. JimBB

    Ma’am, I know this is going to come as a shock. But apparently, your mother is intending to exploit Kylie and Kendall too.

  4. Eric


  5. “Sorry, my mouth just goes into this position whenever I’m approached by a black man.”

  6. yourmom

    Not pictured: new advancement in stealth penetration.

    That’s right bitch, I can fuck you from here.

  7. You know some people are so fucking stupid they find her attractive? I hope those people all die soon.

  8. anonymous

    Ma’am, close your mouth. What I actually said was, “I’ve got a big black CAR waiting for you over here.”

  9. timmyfigs

    Oh look she’s trying to suck it in.

  10. The Wind

    She’s pretty, and all the rest of you are just jealous haters. So there…

  11. whatever

    what she wears proves her husband number 667 kanye is NOT gay, what ho-mo would dress up someone and lack all sense of what looks good, that shit dont look good on ANYONE

    • You know, that is an incredible stereotype. I’m sure there are some “fellows” out there whose sense of fashion went down the toilet with their tampons. (Damn. I’ll bet those are a bitch to get into a urethra.)

  12. “Ms Kardashian, I’ve been a fan for a such a long, long time and I’ve always wanted to say, NICE TITS!, Beyotch.”

  13. Odbarc

    Diaper-model taking a shit in public. No one can tell!

  14. “Did you forget something in the car ma’am?”

  15. “I’m just gonna move my mouth towards your tits like this. If they pop into my mouth, it’s your own damn fault.”

  16. jess

    “kim, kim, show us what made you famous!!!”

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