1. buzz

    Hot! She even looks like she stopped with the lip injections.

  2. JimBB

    “Hey, remember that movie you did with Josh Lucas and Jamie Foxx?”

    “Get out.”

  3. Ronaldo

    Ever since she got with JT, she lost her hotness. He ruined her.

  4. Robb7

    Ruined??!! She’s got one of the BEST asses!

  5. Her body is on point — not even close to “ruined”. Her lip game is tired though…

  6. What I wouldn’t give to spend a weekend nibbling on that ass…

  7. ThrewUpInMyMouth

    “Jessica! Any truth JT is screwing Rihanna?”
    “Jessica! Any truth JT is screwing Taylor Swift?”
    “Jessica! Any truth JT ISN’T screwing you anymore?”

    ‘Go FUCK yourself!’

  8. It took me ten minutes (and three rub outs) to realize this pic has more in the frame than her ass.

  9. She’s still drop dead fucking sexy. I love her ass.

  10. PassingTrue

    Hey, it isn’t much of a script, but, it’s nothing to sneeze at.

  11. martina

    (((sigh))) what a gorgeous ass

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