1. “Blimey! I can’t believe how homely you are!”
    “Same here,” he replied.

  2. Cock Dr

    Girl having a hard time keeping upright while climaxing.
    Obviously not caring about meth face or tobacco funk.

  3. JimBB

    “Yeah, yeah, fan, great-to-meet-you, all that….Tell me, fan. You don’t by any chance have any heroin on you, do you?”

  4. He is clearly demonstrating all she needs to do to touch Harry’s wand later tonight, and she is clearly on board.

  5. Senor Trout

    The classic ‘ecstatic because I just realized he isn’t gay/destroyed by the knowledge he actually has a girlfriend/hopeful because I think I’m prettier than her’ face.

  6. am I the only one who sees Dame Edna in the back?

  7. She’s clearly overwhelmed at his superior deep throating technique. Homegirl behind her, not so much.

  8. “You swear to gawd? You’ll put in all the way in? Both times? And once in my mouth, too? How about my butt? OMG, my mom will never believe this. Nor will my dad.”

  9. It got awkward when she slipped and called him Robert.

  10. “And that’s when Mommy had her first orgasm.” That girl to her kids 15 years from now.

  11. Sadly, the fat chick killed her in a jealous rage a half hour later. “I love Harry more than you ever could” she was heard screaming.

  12. “Oh You think I’m Elijah Wood? Can Elijah Wood erase the cock and balls I’m drawing in your address book?”

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