1. buzz

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! No. words. just. laughter.

  2. Ronaldo

    Her ass its now beyond bizarre

  3. Cock Dr


    • Marketing Mike

      Dammit, you always beat me with the MOOOOOOO….
      What’s your secret, unemployment? loll……

  4. cajunhawk

    No wait…I see the camera man. Just make sure he is here on time from now on. These ass implants can’t pay for themselves if they ain’t photographed.

  5. As funny as cows are, she really is built more like a draft horse.

  6. boom

    jeez I just got whiplash

  7. And now denim costs twice as much after the world’s supply for the next year was used in this one pair of pants.

  8. timmyfigs

    Oh look there it went

  9. In the name of all thats holy and unholy, Boycott This Bitch! Why do you keep showing her pictures to us? No more!

  10. whatever

    that ass would go well with lena dunhams thighs

  11. “Hello…??? This is Kim. Of course, Kardashian, you twit…I’d like to reserve two chairs. Really close together. Next to each other. Of course they’re both for me, you twit…*click* Today’s help is just abysmal!”

  12. Odbarc

    Diaper-model wears Jeans seamlessly.

  13. Ahab


  14. navvet75

    I might like to see that naked…….wait wait I’m joking

  15. martina

    OJ wouldn’t turn that down

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