1. Looks like Joel’s big ‘Getaway’ is loading his pockets up at Mr. Noodle’s Buffet.

  2. I'mCool

    Tailored sweatpants are so hot right now.

  3. This man should be dragged from that Mustang at 120 mph for a half hour

  4. crb

    They wanted a bigger scumbag, but the Weinsteins were out making deposits in the Caymans.

  5. EricLR

    Going through an end-of-life crisis there, Joel?

  6. j/k

    Saggy pants, purple shoes, a car too fast for his own good, and a lavender shirt. Is he some sort of rapper?

  7. Cock Dr

    I do like the shoes.

  8. rockin’ the effete Gandolfini look

  9. fred

    Hey, Big Gay Joel-how are you feeling?

    I’m super! Thanks for asking.

  10. Vladimir

    I have never been more impressed with the structural integrity of the Ford Mustang…

  11. Out of respect for James Gandolfini, I won’t make the joke I would have made.

  12. At the premiere of his latest thought provoking masterpiece. The clown costume is appropriate.

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