Yeah Ralph, we’re shocked you’re still considered a celebrity too.

  2. Christ, Ralph Macchio ALMOST looks 30.

  3. He can’t believe how good Christie Brinkley looks.

  4. Officer: “Now take your time ma’am, we realize this might be difficult for you. Can you point to the celebrity?”
    Woman Sobbing: “I’m sorry officer, I want to, I really do, I just can’t. I’m just not sure!”

  5. Brooke Shields is younger than Christie, but has a face full of Botox and Christie doesn’t..

  6. Which one do you think is giving Ralph the buttcheek squeeze? My vote is the guy on the right.

  7. catapostrophe


  8. The black onyx skull Brooke wears around her neck holds the magic spell that keeps her young and beautiful. It…uh, turns out magic isn’t real.

  9. “Hey everybody…it’s EUGENE PACK!!”

  10. Pretty sure even the eclectic humor and imagination of readers here couldn’t come up with a more random group of people for a photo.

  11. EricLR

    I see Ralph Macchio is doing well.

  12. She just inserted her barb and is sucking the youth out of him to maintain her ridiculous good looks for her age.

  13. Schweddy Snatch

    Oh my God! I’m touching Christie Brinkley!! I’m touching Christie Brinkley!!!! Squeeeeeee!!!!

  14. Something’s wrong here – I’m looking at Brooke Shield’s boobs, thinking “Hm, not bad”, and it’s not 1980.

  15. I’ll take both Christie and Brooke right now.

  16. Vladimir

    Marry, Fuck, Kill; Celebrity edition…

  17. Momentarily blinded by Christie’s teeth.

  18. Paully Boston Baby!

    The 80′s called…and thats it. The 80′s called and noone answered. To be fair the 80s was using one of those ridiculously huge brick cellphones. Maybe time for an upgrade.

  19. fhfhfh

    What happened to Brooke Shields? She used to be the most beautiful creature on the planet…and then she turned into an adult. You would never know she was once beautiful. As if a witch put a spell on her

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