1. “Okay, this all looks good…the kids immunization records are up to date, rabies vaccine good….and he looks delicious. Deal.”

  2. Ana

    At first I thought it was a joke poking fun at the lady with the teeth in the background, then I saw Gary Busey

  3. Even the kid knows he is shit-house crazy.

  4. I'mCool

    Is Gary Busey licensed to issue fashion citations?
    ‘Cause I’m pretty sure that’s what Jeff Ross is about to get.

  5. I like how he has a kid that follows him around with a bed pan.

  6. EricLR

    “Daddy, who is that strange man in the yard?”

    “Don’t look him in the eye, son. And if he lunges for you, just run.”

  7. Holy crap he is a mini version of him.

  8. fred

    Sweet belly paunch-phone purse-knee socks combo, bro.

  9. Vladimir

    Walmart. Save Money. Live Better.

  10. Wow, look at the teef on Mrs Busey…

  11. “I can’t believe that we are actually hanging out with Gary Busey !”
    “I can’t believe he has been following for six hours despite our efforts to ditch him!”

  12. “Alright!… Who wants to see how bacon is made! My house isn’t too far from here!”

  13. s

    he’s still allowed around kids?

  14. “Okay now let’s just smile and laugh and act cool while we slowly step away…”

  15. ” Hey, Mom. I was watching you from over there and I like your technique. How much to change my diaper?”

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