1. I don’t have anything funnier than this picture

  2. rican

    “what the hell happened to my career?”

  3. she’s just feeling a little down…what with owning a mirror and all.

  4. Brit

    I sent Jennifer Hudson that text, so why won’t she reply?

  5. Still wondering why she wore white while her her period…sigh…

  6. schmidtler

    No wonder she didn’t eat for 10 years – look at how that half a glass of orange juice went straight to her thighs!

  7. I guess my break is over. This table isn’t going to bus itself.

  8. “Ma’am, excuse me, but you can only sit here if you purchase food.”

  9. she is not very Feliz in this photo.

  10. “I used to be a contendah!”

  11. mmmmm what u say?
    you thought eating the whole cake would be swell
    well of course you did

  12. EricLR

    If she’s trying to figure out where her life went wrong, her waiter had better get ready for a lot of refills.

  13. I guess she’s of the “Glass half empty” school.

  14. “I try to be an optimist, but I can’t help but be a plate-always-empty kind of girl.”

  15. *Seen here eating her feelings*

  16. RocketInMyPocket

    Sad Keanu’s soul mate.

  17. caley

    On the stereo
    Listen as we go
    Nothing’s gonna stop me now…*sobs*

  18. whatever

    is she looking for attention or are the real paparazzi looking for her? sitting outside eating is attention seeking, is she paying paps to take her picture? way too much mischa lately to be accidental sightings

  19. “I used to be hot. I don’t know what went wrong.”

  20. Daemon8666

    “I remember when I could afford pot.”

  21. Man, this just makes me pity her.

  22. donkeylicks

    ” I should buy a boat.”

  23. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    All dressed up with no meth to go.

  24. sad trombone….

  25. gringo

    Los Feliz? Looks more like Los Triste.

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