1. Prostitution Plan #47: she pours syrup all over Hugh’s disgusting nether regions, let’s the dog go to town, and slips out with this guy.

  2. That’s a cavalier king charles, bred to be a sedentary companion animal. I don’t know what breed the dog is.

  3. Knew it was all a publicity stunt.

  4. ankles becoming cankles in…3…2..1

  5. Cock Dr

    Yes it’s good that he’s fortifying himself with lots of sugary fluids….needs all his strength to compete with the dog.

  6. Vladimir

    I think it’s sweet the way she carries Hugh everywhere…

  7. YoMama

    I don’t think Hef really gives a shit. He’s got two blue pills a week – if Crystal isn’t around he’ll go around the corner to the PMW bunny house. They are legally obligated to get down with the Crypt Keeper (and/or his sons) if they want a shot at PMOY.

    The smart ones just start banging rock stars and pro athletes. Even Tim Couch and Jeff Garcia can get ass from a hot playmate on the regular. Playmates are picky, just not very bright it seems.

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