1. Kel

    For a second there I thought Miley somehow became more attractive overnight.

    • Sticking of tongue is the new waving of hand, i guess.

      Thank god i’m old and therefore not obliged to keep track of the newfangled fuckery.

  2. “Oh hey Ryan Gos.ahhhhhhhhhhh.”

  3. Rican

    Deacon J. called it right, cue the slut cock tongue.

  4. It’s funny how quickly making a stupid face with tongue hanging out became “Miley’s thing”. Congratulations Miley, you’ve branded what my grandfather invented 30 years ago after his stroke.

    You’re a less cute version of this:

    • Sure the tongue thing isn’t exactly something novel, but she is the originator of turning slutty, cutting your hair short with parts of it shaved, and pretending to be bisexual. Nobody has ever taken that well trodden path towards originality before. Go Miley!

  5. Hands down. Selena does it better than Miley.

    • But could she do it 50 times in a row during one truncated medley while simulatenously ending twerking as a hip-hop trend AND stripping a co-performer of whatever ‘cool factor’ he had spent years carefully manufacturing? ‘Cause that’s where the bar is now.

  6. This is EXACTLY what I would expect a girl who dated Justin Beiber would look like!

  7. I’m seriously considering changing my gamertag to Skeeter McTwerkins

  8. I can think of ways to put that tongue to good use.

  9. EricLR

    Yeah, yeah…everyone got on Disney that way, honey. Stop thinking you’re special.

  10. anonym

    haha. miley started a trend

  11. alex

    I remember when The Dukes of Hazzard was the highest rated show on tv. Lets make sure we don’t confuse talent and success.

  12. The Pope

    I know I’m not the only one that had a ten-second fantasy about taking care of a vegetative Selena Gomez just now.

  13. Ha Ha, I officially love this woman.

  14. “No, I’ve never gone down on another woman. Look—do you see any throat cancer?”

  15. cc

    Masturbate with a foam hand or GTFO

  16. CtF

    I always knew she’d turn drug kingpin who needs a bell to communicate.

  17. Ironically, this is the most adult she’s ever looked.

  18. Vladimir

    Behold, the New “planking”…

  19. Daemon8666

    “Seriously, when Justin cums, it’s like…”

  20. tlmck

    Yep. She’s still 12.

  21. The Cyrus- it’s spreading!

  22. anonymous

    That’s what I look like when her music plays on the radio.

  23. richie

    she’s totally mocking miley. cool.

  24. Herman Bumfudle

    keep playing and you know where i’ll put that beautiful tongue #onballs

  25. Herman Bumfudle

    #seriously i wanna make your cherry pop. pop! pop! pop! pop! all over me #nasty #deliciousnasty

  26. dorkysaaa

    Haha, love Selena!!! You know that Cyrus dyke saw this pic.

  27. Interred Ferguson

    Cue the bukkake photoshop “artists”………….

  28. Leon

    Hey Miley! That’s what a real girl with long hair looks like. Keep shaving your head bitch!

  29. Ben Dover

    Nope she looks just as retarded as Miley

  30. Bringbackbabalu

    You people all know Michael Jordan….tongue….ya…..

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