1. Ralph

    Nice udders.

  2. Apparently the focus ring on her camera goes all the way from Super-Sharp to Just-Use-Your-Imagination.

  3. You can tell she’s refined now… She’s moved up from golden showers to pearl necklaces…

  4. Of course she did. It wouldn’t be a day ending in “Y” if Kim wasn’t begging for attention with her only talents hanging out.

  5. Contusion

    Is she a spokesperson for GlamourShots® at the mall now?

  6. More Blur please.

  7. Joe

    She should just do porn and get it over with.


  8. Cock Dr

    Needs more Vaseline on that lens.

    • jimbo

      i thought of that Simpsons episode where homer has the boudoir pictures and the photographer kept slathering vaseline on the lens.

      oh and BOOBS!!!

  9. Hank E. Ring

    Kim Kardashian on the set of the upcoming video “Kanye West Bound”

  10. it had to be said

    I want to make a pearl necklace joke, but I like her tits.

  11. Inner Retard

    There is a word for when a selfish cunt tries to look sensual: Irritating!

  12. your mom

    HAHAHAHAhahahahahaaa! She’s joking, right?

  13. Prof.Widow

    Like I said…

  14. Gary Grant

    Pictures makes her look fuzzy. Well, I guess that’s norm for the Kardashians.

  15. I wouldn’t piss on this bitch if she was on fire.


  16. Athr


  17. “Mo-om, everyone can see the blurry lines where you Photoshop me!”
    “Don’t worry, I can fix that.”

  18. Mr. Poop

    Is she getting ready for her pee pee shower?

  19. Spartacus


  20. Dish

    You can always tell a Barbizon modeling school graduate when you see one!

  21. adcomp

    you can tell her ‘limelight’ is getting dimmer by the sheer desperation of her daily photo tweets.

  22. ah no she deedn't

    soft porn from the 80′s?

  23. grz

    The more pixelated this woman is, the more attractive I find her.

  24. tlmck

    Looks like another fuzzy picture of Bigfoot to me.

  25. I’m guessing that Kim hired the 80-year old woman who restored the Ecce Homo fresco to do all her Photoshop work.

    (Reference material for the joke:

  26. lily

    pathetic cow

  27. suck it

    wow she is looking totes classy here…. MOOOO

  28. Don Draper's Dad

    Riiiiiiiiight beforeshegotpissedon.

  29. Jack Ketch

    Udders full to bursting … MOOOoooOOOOO.

  30. Later

    Kim Whoredashian in full display

  31. SW

    “CUT! CUT!!!! Kim, no one is going to watch your video if they can’t see him pissing on you! Now again, from the top.” Kris Jenner, momager of the year.

  32. squishy

    Right after she sent it to Kanye…

  33. Throb the Wonder Mule

    Do the blacks like giving her pearl necklaces?
    Just wondering…………

    Is that a racist question?

  34. WilleyNilly

    Lindsay Lohan was photographed wearing these pearls the next week and blamed the theft on Kanye. When asked for comment, Mr. West replied, “I peed on Kim, that makes her mine, and what’s mine is Lindsay’s. Lindsay, love Lindsay, love her. I LOVE HER!!!”

  35. What sort of mind set does it take for Kim to think that she is so loved by her fans that posting “sexy” pictures every fucking day gets them all frothing at the mouth? One bowl of narcissism, coming right up!

  36. Cori

    She sure is deeply embarrassed by the Playboy shoot like she claims. How noble to keep reminding herself by posting outtakes all the time so people don’t forget exactly how much regret she has.

  37. Mike

    Classy and very sexy

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