1. userofalltrades

    Not sure of the practicalities of the scarf, but I’m not complaining.

  2. BigOkie

    Bewbs seem to be holding up nicely!

  3. ben dover

    kind of looks like a naughty flight attendant

  4. I can’t watch License to Drive without jerking off to Mercedes….and Roller Girl in Boogie Nights. She’s so hot still.

    • Bowfinger is awesome, you should get that. She’s really cute in it, too.

    • Joaquin ingles

      Drugstore Cowboy.

    • Flieber

      Not bad at all in Hangover either.

    • Emma Watson's Vagina

      here are the following besides some of those:
      Broken(unrated or rated)
      Boogie Woogie(lesbo and blow job scene in a black shirt only.)
      Killing Me Softly
      Adrift in Manhatten
      Miss Conception
      Two girls and a guy(unrated as she gets eaten out)
      The Spy who Shagged me(Austin powers sequel)
      The Guru (not to be confused with The Love Guru which has the still Abilious Jessica Alba.)

  5. That dog will be eating well tonight!

  6. And they said that if you untied the scarf…..her top would fall off! (insert flickering flashlight and screams here)

  7. LG

    Waiting for her to hold up a pack of Orbit Gum

  8. Bigalkie


  9. I want to feed her my dog. Damn this woman is fucking hot!

  10. Pierce Bronzetan

    “Feed the Dog”? I’ll film my own, called “Stuff the Beaver”. Man she’s hot.

  11. BSName

    From the photo it doesn’t look like she will be in any nude scenes.
    I am skipping this film

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