1. quix

    I have that tank.

  2. Cookie

    What else does she do other than hitting the gym all the time??

  3. Hank E. Ring

    Oh my!

  4. Perplexity

    Practicing the Cheech Marin walk from Born in East LA.

  5. jimbo

    mmm mmm naughty girl

  6. I bet she’s fucking everyone since her first “boyfriend” turned out to be gay.

  7. Baron Otto Wilhelm

    You Americans have illegals like this naughty gril

  8. Smapdi

    Geez, I hope no Hudgens stalkers come through here, since we now know when and where she parks her car!

  9. I want to get hot and sweaty with her.

  10. Ghost

    She always look sexy and sultry, just seeing her picture brings up these animal urges in me

  11. tlmck

    So when you put money in that machine, she pops out? Only in L.A.

  12. So, here I was hoping that there was some seedy business going on at 5200 Lankershim Blvd, but except for the law firms, it seems pretty legit. However, across the road at 5161 Lankershim… boom! Disney Interactive. It’s all starting to make sense!

    Now, where’d I put my pills?

  13. lily

    Looks like she lost a few pounds…looks better, but god she needs a stylist and stop with this hungover sorority girl look

  14. Blech

    She looks alright like this, actually.

    I admire people who can pull off a shitty look. That’s power.

  15. She’s not so bad. Her outfit on the other hand, has too many patterns going on at once.

  16. Bouncy Castle

    You have very polite buildings in LA, don’t you?

  17. She looks just fine. I assume those of you who are ragging about her attire always walk around wearing your Sunday best? She’s in fucking California. People in California wear anywhere from casual threads to sloppy. Been that way since the beginning of time. No go polish your shoes.

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