1. “Me donate to you long time!”

  2. Marketing Mike

    “Bai Ling taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
    entirely for the benefit of a worth charity and
    in no way to showcase her braless nipples…”

    Wearing a skin-tight see-through sheer silk top.

  3. Stand 4 feet back and wear eye goggles for safety.

  4. JimBB

    That’s not the ALS challenge. She owes the Yakuza money.

  5. This is how you do this fucking challenge, Kate Upton.

  6. Bai Ling bought that bullshit that doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge works better than Valtrex. How gullible!

  7. Where’s the fucking video?

  8. Hey it’s the Bai Ling Nipple Brigade! Gosh it’s been so long I feel like I’m a watching an episode of “Where Are They Now?”

  9. I’m calling BS. If that water was really cold, those nips would have broken my screen.

  10. Marketing Mike

    Typical Bai, that was probably 80 degree water
    and she probably practiced 100 times before they shot it.

  11. Bai felt great that her usual post-bukkake clean-up would also help raise money for a worthy cause.

  12. I have a sudden urge for Hershey’s chocolate kisses…

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