1. Mmmm….. gelato!

  2. He can go fuck himself.

  3. I thought that was Jesus Robin Williams for a second.

  4. Looks like he’s giving Prince Charles a run for sausage fingers.

  5. now we see why kate capshaw has stuck around for 30 years…

    • A few billion dollars can’t hurt either. But you’ve seen her annoying ass in Indiana Jones, right? He has to have no pre-nup. Every time she said your name you’d have to use both hands to keep the veins in your forehead from exploding. “Indyyyyyyyyyy!” *shudder*

  6. journalschism

    “But sir, there’s no ‘Gwyneth’ cone on the men– Ok, I’ll play along, dammit. Here’s your Gwyneth Cream, Mr. Spielberg.”

  7. “Stevie, hand me that ice cream! You’re going to ruin your pretty white outfit and you look so handsome, now hand it to me this instant! Steven! Steven, stop trying to jam it all in your mouth at once! You’ll give yourself a headache and then who’s going to talk to Tom Hanks about WWII all day?”

  8. Swearin

    Pretty good visual metaphor for his working relationship with Oprah the last couple years

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