1. Another instrument he’ll never use. Much like Miranda Kerr.

  2. Hmm

    Sometimes I think he dates Selena just so he can raid her closet for clothes.

  3. JimBB

    Is humiliating himself with vocals not enough?

  4. He’s a multimillionaire and buys a cheap copy of a Les Paul?

    I don’t know why but this annoys the heck out of me.

  5. What can this strange device be?
    When I touch it, it gives forth a sound
    It’s got wires that vibrate and give music
    What can this thing be that I found?

    I think it’s a tuba…

  6. “Now Usher will take me seriously.”

  7. It’s his new Doucheburst custom Les Paul clone.

  8. Marketing Mike

    Wow! A guy buying a cheap left-handed Les Paul knock-off
    wearing a dress, pink tennis shoes and a bowler cap.

  9. Here, take this it’s too heavy. I wouldn’t know what to do with it anyway.

  10. Don Draper's Dad

    Listen to that sustain ….

  11. yourmom

    Awww! He’s playing dress up in Daddy’s clothes again!

  12. broduhjenner

    seen here auditioning for 30 seconds to mars

  13. Can he actually play that, or did he want something different to stick in his ass.

  14. “Look out! I’m right behind you, John Mayer!”

  15. Spleen


  16. “Can I get this in passion pink ?”

  17. Mike Anger

    “Selena said she wouldn’t come back until I could show her my long hard straight thing that she can play with …. well who’s laughing now, Chipmunk?”

  18. StayPUFT Overlord

    Huh……Boy George + no make-up =13 year old girl…..mind blown.

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