1. “Got wiener?”

  2. Not all the Cyrus children made it to their mom’s vagina.

  3. CrashHell

    Why oh Why didn’t we listen and do what Bill Hicks said?…We are reaping what we’ve sown…

  4. JimBB

    Got mullet?

  5. Marketing Mike

    Looks like he had a big glass of something.

  6. Hmm

    Got semen?

    This is a strange campaign.

  7. He has that gay cowboy look down.

  8. “I milked your cow for you. Took a while to get her going, but once she did….”
    “We don’t have a cow. We have a bull…”

  9. So Miley had a yeast infection?

  10. Venkman

    “Not Milk”

  11. In ’91, if you wanted to open on Garth Brooks’ tour, you paid Garth Brooks’ price.

  12. He apparently wiped his eyes before this picture was taken…

  13. Evil Otto

    Did Terry Richardson take this photo? Cuz that looks like his signature.

  14. Miley posted this on Instagram, Nick Jonas posted this above his bed.

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