1. Two butts enter, one butt leaves…

  2. Hmm

    Zaloog are you alright? Someone get the smelling salts, quick, I think he passed out.

  3. Sure, Iggy wants you to look now….. Just keep scrolling, though.

  4. Gold Finger bang.

  5. Why did one of them have to be JLo? As great as her ass is, it is attached to JLo, so it’s a no go. Go with Nicki Minaj next time, Iggy.

  6. Mad Magazine’s Thigh vs. Thigh

  7. anonym

    so much photoshop

  8. brian

    J-Lo. Even though she’s 45, it still looks plump and juicy.

  9. She must’ve gotten that ghetto booty from the same store in Australia where she bought her American blacccent. She’s the realest…

  10. buzz

    Right…..I’ve yet to see a photo proving that Iggy can tan that dark.

  11. J-Lo still looks good! Iggy just doesn’t do it for me, her whole deal just seems fake to me.

  12. ticktock

    nikki’s barbz are all dissing iggy, how original

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