1. mnsuperbee

    “And so I went like ‘GET AWAY! GET AWAY FROM MY BUTT TOM CRUISE!!’ But he did not.”

  2. gumption

    oh Penn, you know I can’t see it without my spectacle.

  3. You’ve got it all wrong. Penn’s the one who poots in this picture.

  4. sc4play

    Wait, wait……Her name is POOTS???? ROFLMAO! I don’t think I’ve laughed in 3 days, but that did it!!!

  5. Rough's sizemograph

    Hollywood’s involuntary reaction to her middle name. Like the hiccups.

  6. “It was a Fusilli Jerry. I swear to god it was a million-to-one shot!”

  7. vlad

    Unfortunate last name for a very pretty girl…

  8. MammaMia

    they seem to have the same haircut….

  9. Kady

    Greetings From Tim Buckley?
    “You’re cute.”

  10. Penn- “..and then he put the watermelon right up my ass!”
    Immogen- “I am SO happy for you guys! ;-)”

  11. Squishy

    Appears as if he is doing another Tom Cruise rendition of “You You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling”

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