1. There’s skinny and then there’s, “hey, I can see the outline of my penis while we’re having sex” skinny.

  2. yes madame, your vagina has been massaged,washed and dryed.

  3. RHawk

    Where did her tits go????

  4. Not sure about the dress, the movie looks like the other 60 movies that “inspired” it but Zoe is f*ckin sexy.

  5. Venom


  6. I admire his attempt at being a gentleman, but I’m pretty sure that’s not where you put your hand to help a woman out of a car.

  7. holymoly

    apparently, she’s supposed to be a bad ass in “columbiana”.
    sorry, but bad ass and i could break you with a sneeze aren’t generally two things that go together. thin and fit is great – this is not htat.

    • AnnaDraconida

      My thoughts exactly… it’s laughable that male actors pack on tens of pounds of muscle to look convincing in a badass role, whereas all a woman has to do is to look fucking skinny. Thin does not = fit & strong, FFS. Starving yourself until you have no tits probably doesn’t take more self discipline than hitting the gym & toning up that musculature.

      • IBTC

        You do realize that you can’t tell your fat where to assimilate right? “Ok double cheeseburger, one patty per titty, let’s move!” Om nom nom.

  8. KC

    Is it time for The Karen Carpenter Story reboot already?


    She looks like a salamander.

    ps I LOVE KIDS!!!

  10. danimal

    Didn’t Nancy Kerrigan where that same dress in the winter olympics skating for gold?

  11. edamame

    I thought she’d be above Skating With The Stars.

  12. Squishy

    Stunningly beautiful!!

  13. MrsWrong

    She’s ashamed cause she had water on the ride over

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