1. dontkillthemessenger

    Please go back to being really hot.

  2. sc4play

    Vanessa Hudgeins in Los Angeles wearing a flour sack.

  3. LilSawk

    Good God. Is it bad that at first glance of her face I thought this was Kris Jenner?

  4. Vanessa Hudgeins: the future Jennifer love Hewwit.

  5. RHawk

    “Ok, Morty, you are my agent. I need more naked pictures online. My career is dying her.”

  6. A victim of terrible plastic surgery, Vanessa Hudgens rushes back to her doctor with her nose in a cup after it fell off. Genius that she is though, she can’t figure out why her sunglasses won’t stay up.

  7. MammaMia

    someone needs a thighmaster….

  8. Snip

    Worst haircut of the year.

  9. Know what would make that outfit incredibly hot? No underpants.

  10. m

    Electric MooMooloo

  11. danimal

    Puss in boots nuff said

  12. Coco

    I just realized what she reminds my of! It’s an Ewok!

  13. fandy

    I thought it was mama Kardashian, wow

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