1. gumption

    wasn’t her hair short just last week? does anyone have real hair anymore?

  2. dotmatrix


  3. The kids wanted animals, so this year each kid at camp Mohawk will stalk and kill their very own washed up actress.

  4. dontkillthemessenger

    What in the fuck is she wearing? Strangely enough, this isn’t even her worst outfit of the month.

  5. Cock Dr

    What I wanna know is: Where the fuck is she going to dressed like that? Is she going to a costume party as a harem girl?

  6. I give her three more years before that outfit is form-fitting.

  7. She has the worst effin taste in clothes, I swear.

    • Jack Ketch

      That distinction belongs to Jessica Simpson, with her fug handbags, trashy jean shorts and ill-fitting stripper heels. We’ve seen FAR worse that this …

  8. I’d like to take this moment to reflect and mourn all the leopards that were killed to make this outfit… A moment of silence please…

  9. Anni Christ

    Hewitt’s new plot to stay relevant in D-List Hollywood: Channeling her inner Kim Kardashian in hopes that the paps might mistake for her.

  10. It'sanAbomination!

    Is she trying to get adopted by the Kardashians? I think someone ought to tell her exactly what the initiation entails….

  11. Smartwater: you can either drink it or use it for those special times when you can’t stalk a celebrity.

  12. Longer steps mean she gets to see her feet every now and then.

  13. allieb

    “I wish I were one of the Kardashians… Kris, can you adopt me please? And get me a husband? “

  14. “Kim Kardashian is married, right? Maybe if I look like her I can get married. The engagement rings in my purse are starting to get heavy.”

  15. Hugh Gentry

    if I wear baggy clothes, they won’t be able to tell I just ate a pallet of cake.

  16. J

    She looks just like Kim. Remember when she wore an outfit like that about a month ago?

  17. Kat

    “Left foot, right foot, left foot… wait…I know this…HELP ME, SMART WATER!”

  18. KC

    Oh, the stories that water bottle could tell.

  19. holymoly

    what you don’t know about this picture is that khloe kardasian is hiding somewhere near hear left leg. part of Sasquatch boot camp training

  20. Out trolling again, huh? Anyone know if she has a valid fishing license?

  21. downwithmuffins

    if you can stand next to snooki and she looks better than you.. maybe its time to call a stylist

  22. AnnaDraconida

    She can barely walk in those ridiculous shoes. Why do all these celeb females insist on wearing shitty footwear like that when they aren’t attending, well, anything?

  23. Fuck. Are they rebooting I Dream of Jeannie?

  24. Not pictured: Tardis back from the late seventies, John Holmes.

  25. Make it stop! The world can’t handle two Kim Giantassians!

  26. Mike701

    Cougar. Not just a lifestyle anymore.

  27. JosieBelle

    She really is the white man’s Kim Kardashian.

  28. Vanessa

    Kim Kardashian looks like she’s lost weight…Good for her.

  29. fandy

    krykees, its a huge beast…..get the big dart gun, or the harpoon!!

  30. Squishy

    Whose idea was it to dress large woman with noisy prints?! They suck ass!!

  31. MrsWrong

    Cat-printed Cat-suit: For when your pussy isn’t good enough

  32. Soup

    Here’s Jennifer Love Hewitt on the set of the Lifetime original movie Married with Children: The Peggy Bundy Story.

  33. She looks like a parody of my office assistant, beanie baby collecting, bowling on the weekends stepmother.

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