1. Cock Dr

    So traumatic. I think I need PTS counseling.

  2. Is this Fish’s backyard? It’s nice and big. Then again, anything seems big in comparison to my balcony :(

  3. zomgbie

    will there be sean penn?

  4. Guess which chair Khloe was in when the dessert bell rang?

  5. Things just don’t add up in this picture. There are other shots on the internet that show this scene from a different angle, and I am convinced that it was an inside job. Chairs just do NOT fall over like that..

  6. Rough's sizemograph

    Yeah we joke now but a few digits to the north there would have been a lot of ING’s going on. Like less typing, less laughing, but rather more consoling from crying and dying. Sorry couldn’t work roughing in there for some reason.

  7. whiskeyafternoon

    stupid muslim tectonic plates. we will never be safe again.

  8. Jon and Kate Plus Hate

    My taint quivered today, then it was on fire, damn fire engulfed quivering taint

  9. “OH, THE HUMANITY!!!! (*sob*)

  10. OohLaLa

    I heard the Earth’s crust collapsed under the weight of all the bullshit in Washington and sent tremors along the East Coast, but it looks like someone just farted and cleared the tea party.

  11. fish if you posted a good high-res version tbh it’d make a nice background for the week

  12. MrsWrong

    R-I-P to our fallen heros. Chair #3 held a lot of Walmart ass. I’ll never forget you treechair. My only consolation is you never had to meet a pregnant January Jones.

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